Artificial Grass Maintenance

Owning and Artificial Grass Lawn is just about as low maintenance as you can get. However, vegetation and high traffic areas may need to be tended to at times. With matted down areas you can take a push broom and brush against the grain ( opposite way which the blades are falling ) and get your blades to stand up and look fresh again. For larger, high traffic areas we recommend a powerbrushing while adding infill where needed. Both of these processes will help sweep away your vegetation which can then be easily removed with a blower or plastic rake. We offer complete maintenance services for all of our installations.

EcoCare Artificial Grass Maintenance Program

EcoCare is a maintenance program geared towards helping you get the most out of your Synthetic Grass Installation. The EcoCare Program is comprised of complete lawn inspections and regular maintenance done only by EcoWorkz authorized technicians. Our certified EcoCare technicians will visit your home or business for regularly scheduled maintenance. They have been trained to be meticulous and efficient in their lawn maintenance work so you can have your artificial grass in Southern California looking great for years to come.

EcoCare Interlocking Paver Maintenance Program

Is your Interlocking Paver project looking dull, has cracked, sunken, raised, or just needs a good cleaning? From re-sealing to complete repairs, at Ecoworkz we can do it all. Our Interlocking Paver maintenance crew has years of experience in installation and repairs. Give us a call today and we can send out our Certified EcoCare maintenance crew to handle any issue.

Below are the Orange County Interlocking Paver Maintenance Programs that we offer. All services are available

separately or you can get the complete maintenance package to get the most out of your project and keep your pavers

looking beautiful and vibrant for years to come!

Over time, dirt, grime and even moss can cause nasty discoloration, leaving your Interlocking Pavers looking dull and unwelcoming. Luckily, power washing can restore your pavers back to their former glory.

Joint Sand can sometimes wash out of the joints between pavers due to heavy rain or wind. It is important to keep the joints filled with sand so that the paver surface remains stable and safe. We recommend a Re-Sanding if a Power Washing has been done.

Sealing your Interlocking Pavers protects them from rain, sun and wear.

It creates a glossy coating that will repel water, oil, dirt and will also bring

back and preserve the paver’s natural color for years to come. Sealing

also helps prevent insect infestation and weed growth. A Re-Sealing is

recommended only after a Power Washing has been done to remove the

dirt and grime from the pavers surface before sealing.

Fortunately, one of the benefits of an Interlocking Paver

driveway or patio is the ability to remove and repair only

the affected pavers rather than ripping out the entire area.

Leveling out pavers is simple, requires no power tools and

can restore your home's curb appeal in a matter of hours.

Contact EcoWorkz today to find out more about our synthetic grass / Orange County Paver installations and maintenance programs.

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