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Driveway Pavers in Brea, CA

Serving Orange County and Select Cities in Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles Counties

Interlocking Pavers have quickly become the most popular choice for homeowners and businesses looking to beautify their hardscape. Interlocking Pavers come in a wide variety of color blends, shapes, and patterns allowing you the opportunity to customize your project to your desire. Constructed from concrete and aggregate, each paver is laid by hand over a prepped base layer and is then interlocked by Polymeric joint sand which provides a surface that is not only four times stronger than concrete but is also easily repairable and permeable. The strength and versatility of Interlocking Pavers truly make them the ultimate hardscape solution.

Durable, Attractive, Affordable

Hardscape that allows you to add your own personal touch.

Interlocking Paver Applications

Hardscape that allows you to add your personal touch


Nothing says “Curb Appeal” like an Interlocking Paver driveway. Our driveway systems are built to last without sinking or cracking like traditional driveways, while giving you the ability to fix any issues that may arise.


Getting from point A to point B with style. Our Interlocking Paver walkways will add that personal charm to your landscape with a large variety of styles, colors and shapes to choose from.


There’s nothing better then that spot in your outdoor living space that just says relax and take it all in. Our Interlocking Paver Patio system will give you just that, along with that personal charm that comes with customization.


Theres no better way to accentuate your pool then a beautiful Interlocking Paver Pool Deck. Add some personality to your deck with a variety of styles from natural stone to ultra modern.


With a large variety of Stackable Wall systems along with Wall Caps you can mix it up to add some beauty to surround your landscaping.


An option for every application

Paver Installations

Built To Last

Pavers Installation Process

Developed over decades of experience, our Installation process is second to none. Customized to your specification’s and installed with precision craftsmanship, our Ecoworkz interlocking paver Installation process will guarantee your project is built to last for years to come. We back that guarantee with a 3 year installation warranty in addition to the manufaturer’s warranty.

Ecoworkz Interlocking Pavers

Installation Diagram

  • Removal of existing grade – up to 8″ depending on usage
  • Installation of 2-6″ of Class II Road Base – compact and slope for drainage
  • Installation of leveling sand
  • Screed leveling sand
  • Installation of Interlocking Pavers – Concrete or Plastic Edge Restraint where needed
  • Spread, brush, and vibratory plate Polymeric joint sand into cracks
  • Water down Polymeric Joint Sand to lock in Pavers
  • Job Clean Up and Application of Sealer* if purchased with package

Our Partners

Working with the best manufacturers in the country, our Synthetic Grass, Interlocking Paver and Construction services will provide a long lasting compliment to your home, business or other construction project.