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Create a Lush Landscape and Gorgeous Green Space This Summer

Create a Lush Landscape and Gorgeous Green Space This Summer

Want a lush and healthy landscape this summer? You can achieve a gorgeous green space this summer that will set the tone for a season spent lounging, entertaining, and living outside. If you lack the desire to maintain your own outdoor spaces, schedule a landscape professional in the area for regular visits.

Read on for some tips for transforming your yard and garden this season.


Artificial Turf

The foundation of a rich and lush landscape is your lawn. How is your grass? If you struggle with trying to grow a thick, green lawn, try artificial turf instead.

Be warned that it can be a tedious installation process that is complicated and time-consuming — this is when hiring a turf professional makes the most sense. This process involves removing natural grass; working, leveling, and altering the surface to prepare for the turf; and rolling the turf out like sod. The final step is to schedule a follow-up appointment to address any dips or issues.


Masonry and Pavers

Create something special with distinctive masonry or pavers on your property. One option is to accentuate a garden with a brick retaining wall that you cover with climbing ivy. Or you could use pavers to form a winding path through your backyard toward a gazebo or the door to your home.



The sight and sound of water is cool and relaxing — and this extends to your backyard or garden too. Bring in some water features for this same serene vibe, like a fountain for your yard and garden. Choose solar fountains for spots that receive daily sun, or plug in a small tabletop fountain for your family’s picnic table.


Pads and Patios

Another way to create a gorgeous green space is with non-living features, like cement pads and patios. While this hardscape feature may not seem like the focal point of your property, it is these firm foundations and practical additions that keep your furniture level, grills safe, and yard décor stable.

Plus, pads and patios provide a foot-friendly surface during parties or get-togethers that is flat, smooth, and non-hazardous.


Firepits and Barbecue Islands

Now that you have a great green space that is ready for entertaining, think about adding a firepit and BBQ island. BBQ islands are fast becoming the outdoor kitchen of 2019, and any outdoor living space needs one! If you don’t plan to cook or entertain, consider a beautiful metal firepit to light up your yard and provide the perfect spot to unwind.


Raised Garden Beds

If your soil is such that you can’t grow a decent lawn, you may also have issues with other plants, flowers, or vegetables. This is where raised garden beds become a feasible option; the best thing about raised beds is that you can have them custom built to your distinct needs.

Some other benefits of using raised beds are that they keep some wildlife away, control flooding, improve bad soil, discourage weed growth, keep soil warmer, increase accessibility, and add aesthetic appeal. Raised garden beds are also easy to relocate.


Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting does a whole lot more than make your yard and garden look good. Decent outdoor lighting guides visitors, illuminates their path, and keeps them safe. No homeowner wants their guest to experience an accident or injury, and upgraded outdoor fixtures will keep your property light and bright.

If your budget doesn’t allow for extras like new patios or barbecue islands, focus on the priorities. For example, if your lawn is shoddy, invest in artificial turf first. Discuss your expectations and budget with your landscaper to determine a pleasing plan that is budget-friendly, too.

Want to create something special in your own backyard? Call the landscape professionals at Ecoworkz Inc. to design an outdoor space that you want to share with others. Use these tips to create a lush landscape and gorgeous green space this summer!