Artificial Grass Installation

How To Install Artificial Grass (The Ecoworkz Way)

With our decades of experience, we have developed a flawless synthetic grass installation process that is unrivaled. We stand by our Eco Proven installation process, using top of the line materials and cutting edge technology assuring your project will be completed on time and to the spec of your desire.

Why Are Ecoworkz Installations Unique & Superior?

With our decades of installation experience, we have developed an installation process that will eliminate any failures such as sinking, seam separation, wrinkles or weed growth. Scalping the existing subgrade 2-3″ and adding our Class II road base layer will provide sufficient drainage for water and pet waste as well as protect against sinking issues and weed growth. Next, our weed barrier layer will eliminate any other chance of weed growth as well as provide sufficient drainage. Using our signature Zipper Seam along with 5″ “non-galvanized” steel nails will lock your turf into the base layer by forming a rust ball on the end of the nail from the natural moisture in the ground. This will eliminate any separation that you would get if you used Seam tape and glue instead. And last would be our infill layer, sand, durafill or zeolite for pets depending on your application will provide you a sufficient layer to hold your blades up while reducing the heat and harm that would come from using black crumb rubber instead. Our Installation process has proven to be the best in the industry, with thousands of successful installations across Southern California.


Zipper Seam

We have developed the industry’s first visually undetectable seam. The Ecoworkz Zipper Seam looks just like it sounds.  It’s “zipper” shape uses a binary, staggered seam cut which actually creates an optical illusion!   The human eye (or brain, actually) is tricked into not being able to detect a continuous line vertically, or horizontally at the adjoining seams.  Thanks to science and the resulting trick played on your brain, our seams disappear before the eye!  It may be a little more difficult than other seaming methods, but the superior end result is worth the added effort for our customers.  For this reason, we use this seaming method as standard on all of our installations.

Tried & Proven

Industry Leading Installation Process

Ecoworkz Synthetic Grass

Installation Diagram

  • Remove existing soil / grass ect. ( Up to 4″ depending on package )
  • Cap Sprinklers or relocate irrigation (depending on package)
  • Install 2″ 4″ of CLASS II Road base (depending on package) or 2″ 3″ of Class 2 Road base capped with Plaster Sand for Putting greens
  • Compact Base
  • Concrete in and level Cups for Putting Green
  • Layout Turf according to project
  • Cut to size and Seam turf using our Zipper Seam and secure with 5″ Steel Nails.
  • Stretch and Nail using Knee Kickers and 5″ Steel Nails around the perimeter (3 1/2″ headless nails for putting greens)
  • Nail accordingly throughout center to pull out any wrinkles and secure Turf.
  • PreBrush Turf with Power Broom
  • Spread Infill (Sand, Durafill or ZeoFill Deodorizer for pets)
  • Brush in Infill with Power Brush.
  • Clean up project