Artificial Turf your Pets will LOVE

Artificial Pet Turf

A Pet Owners Best Friend

Muddy paws are a thing of the past with our non-toxic Synthetic Pet Turf Systems.  Let us provide you and your furry friends a yard you can enjoy together while saving you the time, maintenance and water of a natural lawn.  Synthetic pet turf also makes cleaning up after your pet a breeze.  Our Easy Clean Blades and perforated material allow urine and debris to pass through to the base layer while our Zeolite Crystal Deodorizing Infill layer eliminates any smell your pets may leave behind.  Your pets won’t be able to tell the difference from natural grass and our pet turf. Our ultra durable installation processes will hold up to anything your pet can dish out.*  We also offer glue down installations over concrete or decks.:


We only use Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, Pet and Child Safe materials and products on ALL of our installations.


No more hassle with brown spots where your furry friends like to relieve themselves.


Finally put an end to muddy paws and hair!  Artificial Turf is clean and green, rain or shine!