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Why Choose Artificial Grass?

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

There are so many reasons why it makes sense to invest in artificial grass.  Here are some of the best ones:

  • NO muddy or brown spots.  Our installs withstand the heavy use and traffic of both people and pets, while always allowing proper drainage.
  • Low maintenance! Save time by eliminating the need to mow, edge, seed, water, aerate, weed or fertilize.  Artificial turf still requires some maintenance, but it’s very minimal in comparison.
  • NO carbon emmissionsIt’s estimated 5% of air pollution in the U.S. comes from gas-powered gardening equipment.  Reduce your carbon footprint by going artificial!
  • NO watering! Save money and be environmentally responsible by conserving water.  Here’s the math on just how much you can save:  It’s estimated that 1 sq ft of healthy lawn requires approximately 55 gallons of water per year.  This means replacing 1,000 square feet of natural lawn with artificial grass can save upwards of 55,000 gallons of water per year, or roughly 1 MILLION gallons of SAVED water over the lifetime of the installation.  That’s a potentially HUGE positive impact on both the environment and your wallet!
  • NO yard chemicals.  Artificial grass eliminates or greatly reduces the need to use chemical fertilizers, pest control products or weed killer.  This reduces the chance that your pets or children become exposed to these toxins.  It also reduces harmful runoff into our groundwater that pollutes the environment.
  • NO more grass stains!  Simplify your laundry routine by not having to worry about your kids playing in the yard and getting grass stains.
  • HypoallergenicThe plastics used to manufacture the turfs we use are all completely hypoallergenic.
  • Non-Toxic & Lead Free100% safe for kids and pets.  We use only products that have undergone stringent testing to ensure non-toxicity.
  • Durable.  High-quality artificial grass installations should last decades.  We use turf products that are UV stabilized and heat resistant.
  • It looks amazing! Enough can hardly be said about the ability of a well installed artificial lawn to elevate the curb appeal and beauty of your home and landscape.
Why Choose Ecoworkz?

The Ecoworkz Difference

Ecoworkz Inc. has been in the artificial grass installation business for over 10 years, with thousands of installations and happy customers to report.  We realize that with countless companies jumping into the artificial grass installation market, the decision of who to go with can be a difficult one.  Aside from sheer experience (and the expertise that comes from that experience), here is what we feel sets us apart from the rest:

Customer Service

We guarantee the BEST customer service in the industry from start to finish!  Our philosophy is to treat our customers like family.  It’s our goal that this philosophy underpin every interaction with our customers and every aspect of their experience with us.


We have developed our own unique approach to our artificial grass installation services.  That approach involves a unique installation process, developed over decades of experience and thousands of installations.  One unique aspect of our process is that we use ZIPPER SEAMS in all of our installations.  Done correctly, ZIPPER SEAMS are virtually invisible and far more durable than other seaming methods.

Our artificial grass installations are built to last in any application.  Each step and how it’s executed is done for a specific reason.  That reason is to avoid common problems that arise with sub-par artificial grass installations such as weeds, sinking issues, drainage problems, visible and/or separating seams.  You can read more about ZIPPER SEAMS and our artificial grass installation process here.

Product Variety

There are many different manufacturers offering a variety of artificial grass products that can differ in style, quality, durability and design.  At Ecoworkz we work with the leading manufacturers in the country to provide you with multiple choices for your project and budget.  Some artificial grass installers are actually owned by manufacturers, limiting them to sell only their products.  Ecoworkz is not owned by any manufacturer, but is a small, family owned and operated business.  This allows us to:

  • Offer lower pricing because we don’t have the overhead of a manufacturing facility.
  • Offer the widest variety of product options since we aren’t tied to any one or set of manufacturers.
  • Better meet the needs of our customers

Pricing & Financing

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality installations available for any budget.  You can also rest assured that our pricing is always honest and all-inclusive.  This means 100% transparency without any hidden fees or surcharges.

With that said, most installations fall within $8-$10 per sq ft, with a job minimum of $3,500.  We can say with confidence that the value we offer at this price-point is unparalleled.  We also offer a variety of financing options. Read more about our pricing & financing options here.


The turf manufacturers we work with offer up to 16 year manufacturer warranties.  In addition to this, we offer our own 3-year installation warranty against any installation related issues that may arise.  We stand by our work by standing by you and your investment for years to come.


Our number one goal is to give you an installation that you not only love but is also 100% safe for your family and pets.  Working only with manufacturers that use products and materials that are non-toxic, lead-free, and 100% safe for pets & children has been a philosophy that we have stood by since day one.

For certain types of installations, such as playground turf, we aim to maximize safety as much as possible by incorporating a layer of padding to help prevent injuries.


We only use Non-Toxic, Lead Free, Pet and Child Safe products on all of our installations.


Our artificial grass products are 100% hypoallergenic.  Finally put an end to grass allergies!

low maintenance

Stop wasting your time and money.  Always green, clean and low maintenance.


Artificial Grass Installations

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